Sunday, April 11, 2010

Movies on a Sunday

Sunday’s used to be special till I was employed. But out of work for five months, the day has lost its importance a little bit. Even when employed I tried to follow the same routine on Sunday as any other day of the week. No late mornigs for me. Now I know its Sunday when my daughter sleeps late.

I have reserved Sundays for myself. Well it could be any day of the week since I am home all the time. But I kept Sunday as it allows me to watch something on TV as wife and kids usually do not have something for them. I usualluy end up watching a movie but prefer something from my collection as the ads on the channels break the continuity.

This week I took out the Aamir Khan starrer gem Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar (JJWS). The movie was on channels a few weeks back. But remember the breaks? So I decided to watch it at one go. And it was fun. But that has been the case everytime I see it. I have already seen it some 30 times. But everytime the climax  is as engrossing as the first time

I remember when I saw the movie first time in theatre and the way the crowd reacted after Aamir wins the race. That was magic. While watching the movie today I realised these days the movies do not have the middle class anymore. It’s the upper middle class or the lower class.

All the movies are set in urban India. The families are well off. The struggle is more to prove oneself. Be it Dil Chahta Hai or the recent Wake Up Sid. The class struggle is just not there. We all have accepted that there is only one India and it lives in cities.

Whatever happened in Dantewada is another India. Even in JJWS the hujoor, mai aap mentality is so well captured when Aamir plays a rich man to woo Pooja Bedi and meets his two friends.

All in all a great Sunday. I wish there were more movies like these. Its so easy to relate to these films or the relationships shown in. But I just cannot say the same about the movies these days. They all look superficial when you look at relationship between brothers in JJWS or father-son relationship in another Mansoor Khan film Qayamat Se Qayamt Tak.