Friday, August 23, 2013

Madras Cafe: A Tasteless Affair

Political thrillers in India are too few to even count on your fingertips. A volatile political set up that changes from state to state makes it a risky proposition. So when John Abraham and Shoojit Sircar came together for Madras Café I thought our filmmakers are ready to take the risk and treat us to better cinema.
With these thoughts I entered the dark theater. The morning newspaper was also full of praise and thus the investment looked safe. Nothing prepared me for what the makers of Vicky Donor had presented in the name of Madras Café.

The problems are at various levels starting from the script. The director has so many things to tell that it all becomes too confusing in the end. Add to it the poor editing. The film could do away with some 30 mins and may look slightly better. The director can also do away with stock chopper sequence every time there is a shot of Indian army. Thankfully there are no songs to prolong the ordeal. 

Coming to performances: John Abraham will take a lifetime to act and this movie reinforces the fact. He just does not look the part and is a very bad actor. Siddharth Bash carries his quiz master hangover and never for a minute looks like the RAW chief. Piyush Pandey in his two minute appearance makes a sorry figure. He is playing the cabinet Secretary and the reaction when the prime minister announces his resignation is so laughable. Nargis Fakri looks comfortable as a journalist. It helped that she had to play a London based reporter. Few characters that stand out are Bala and local Lankan leaders.

A better script and cast would have done wonders. This dish served is just too bland by all standards.